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Main Page (Order Slot for Free Books) - You can buy slots to promote your Free Book here.
Buy a Slot Page - This is the page you are taken to, when you have decided what Slot to Buy. This also lets you see Results in your Genre.
Order Slot for Paid Books - You can buy slots to promote your Paid Book here.
Order Slot for Permanent Free Books - You can buy slots to promote your Permanent Free book here.

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Results Page (Results Range by Genre) - This page shows the range of results by Genre.

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Where we Promote Page - This page shows all the email newsletters, sites, blogs through which we promote your book.
Countries We Reach Page - This page shows all countries we reach.
Stores We Reach Page - This pages shows all the stores we reach.

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About Us - Who we are, and what we do.
Trust - Find out why authors, readers, and companies trust us.

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Privacy - We don't store any personally identifiable information other than your email address, and that is used only to contact you to confirm your slot reservations.
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Contact Us - Email us straight from the site itself. You can also email us at