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Important: Book's price during its promotion with us must be its lowest ever price.
Important: We do not promote books that have already been run with Bookbub

Reach Super Targeted Audiences with your Free Book Promotion that are a Perfect Fit for Your Free Book

With BookMonk's Micro and Mini slots your free book promotion can reach super targeted audiences that are the best fit for your book. Your options include

*** Twitter Free Book Promotion Options
Twitter Main Free Book Promotion (55,000+), Twitter Romance (10,000+), Twitter Mysteries & Thrillers (10,000+), Twitter Science Fiction (10,000+)

*** Stores & Countries Free Book Promotion Options
Apple Free Book Promotion (5,000+), Nook Free Book Promotion (5,000+), Kobo (5,000+), Google Books (3,000+), Kindle UK Free Book Promotion (5,000+), Kindle Canada

*** Genres & SubGenres Free Book Promotion Options
Adventure Free Book Promotion, Biographies Free Book Promotion, Children's Free Book Promotion, Christian Free Book Promotion, Cooking Free Book Promotion, Fantasy Free Book Promotion, Free Box Sets Free Book Promotions, Box Set Free Book Promotion, Historical Free Book Promotion, Horror Free Book Promotion, How To Free Book Promotion, Literary Free Book Promotion, Mystery Free Book Promotion, Non Fiction Free Book Promotion, Romance Free Book Promotion, Romantic Erotica Free Book Promotion, Steamy Romance Free Book Promotion, Science Fiction Free Book Promotion, Suspense Free Book Promotion, Thriller Free Book Promotion, Women's Fiction Free Book Promotion, Young Adult Free Book Promotion

Top 11 Reasons to Promote Your Free Book with Book Monk

1) Reach Ultra Targeted Niches that are Perfect for Your Free Book Promotion. We are building out 67+ niche lists, ultra targeted subgenre lists, and genre lists. You reach the readers most attuned to your books. A Free Book Promotion is a great way to get readers to try out your writing, and with our ultra targeted subgenre lists you reach the perfect readers for you.

2) Honesty about numbers and figures for your Free Book Ad.
Each slot specifies exactly how many readers each list or niche has. In addition, if we accept your book, we will give you a range of expected free book downloads your free book promotion will accrue.

3) Many Kindle Unlimited Readers. A significant portion of our readers (perhaps more than 20%) are Kindle Unlimited Readers. If your books are in Kindle Unlimited then one free book download from a reader could lead to KU Borrows and Pages Read for your other books from that same reader (if the reader likes your book).
4) Separate dedicated email lists and blogs for Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo ebook stores. Readers in each of these stores get free book offers and book deal lists built just for them. Every store gets its own unique special list. When you do your free book promotion with us, readers in each of these stores KNOW that it's curated JUST FOR THEM, and not leftovers from some other store warmed up half-heartedly.

4) We reach readers no one else reaches. We have 200+ blogs, websites, list sites, and other channels that reach readers no one else reaches. Can you afford to ignore readers that might be your next biggest fans? A Free Book Promotion is the EASIEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to reach all of them. That's why all the stores make it so hard to make your book free. They know that a free book promotion is the most powerful marketing tool. If you win on visibility then you win paid sales too.

5) Indie Author focused. We have been promoting Indie authors since 2008. That guarantees you get readers that are OPEN to and INTERESTED in books from Indie authors.

6) Separate dedicated email lists and blogs for 70+ genres and subgenres. If you are a Dark Romance author or a Historical Mystery author or a Conspiracy Thriller Author or a Gardening Book Author, then why not reach readers who signed up specifically for your exact genre? No other free book promotion site or paid book promotion site or promotion channel offers this level of granularity

7) We look to ACCEPT Authors, not Reject them. We don't cherry pick books that are already doing well. We work on a First Come First Served basis, provided we think can get you results. You can be confident that we won't reject you just to create a perception of exclusivity, or because Big 5 Publishers are willing to pay more, or because you aren't already a bestseller. Our raison d'etre is to connect authors with readers.

8) We are ENABLERS, not New Gatekeepers. Across all our sites and channels we help hundreds of indie authors every day. We are experts in free book promotion because we have been using free books as marketing tools to help indie authors get discovered since January 2008. We do not limit access to our readers to 10-15 of the richest indie authors. Why help the rich get richer when you have the opportunity to help the best upcoming new authors???

9) We are completely independent and can focus on what's best for the future of books, for readers, for authors, and for ourselves. We are not beholden to Venture Capitalists, to secret arrangements with Bookstores, to sneaky partnerships with Big 5 Publishers, to associate programs with the ebook stores. Many many sites are reducing free book promotions because their masters are kicking them in the rear and commanding them to stop giving visibility to indie authors. We are only focused on the future of books and free book promotions are the BEST way for indie authors to reach thousands of readers and create visibility and a brand for themselves.
As a new author you cannot get 10,000 readers to buy your $5 or $10 book. You don't have a brand. You are an unknown variable.
However, you can use Free and Cheap ($0.99) to reach tens of thousands of readers and BECOME A KNOWN BRAND.
The best way to acquire readers and gain their trust is to offer them a free book or a cheap book, and let them see for themselves that you are a good writer. A Free Book Promotion is a peace offering - a mark of trust, to gain trust.

10) We are not an advertorial list. Smart readers figure out sooner or later that advertorial lists are sending them just a list of ads. No one wants to get a list of ads. Would you watch Television if it was nothing but ads? Then why expect readers to get their books from advertorial lists?

11) Finally, this might be a negative or a positive, depending on your perspective. We don't feature just one book per genre per day. We feature 5 to 20 books every day in each genre and subgenre (sometimes less than 5 are found on a given day). The downside is that readers have choices and aren't forced to download your book due to the lack of options. The upside is that you know the reader CHOSE your book out of a competitive set of books and is more likely to buy your other books and become a reader for life.

You aren't just getting 'this reader chose my clean romance novel because it was the only clean romance novel that day'. You're getting readers that CHOSE YOU!
In your Free Book Promotion with us, you will not get readers that were forcefed your book as the only free book that day. You will get readers that CHOSE YOUR FREE BOOK PROMOTION. These are the only readers that matter - those that choose you and your book in a real world scenario of multiple choices.

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