KindleHome will let you create a HomePage or a Bookmarks list that you can keep in your Kindle documents folder with other books. The advantages -
  1. You can access it just as you would a book.
  2. Instead of Menu > Experimental > Browser > Bookmarks, you need just 1 click from the homepage.
  3. You can have more than 1 link per line.
  4. Choose from one of many example home pages, or customize them, or create your own.

Create Your Own Home Page

Click on the link and it'll let you create your own home page that you can then download.

Demo Home Pages

  1. Default Home Page - Kindle Home Page.
  2. Default Without Headings (faster to reach links) - Simple Kindle Home Page.

Modify an Existing Home Page

You can also take any one of our default home pages and modify them to create a customized home page -

Download Instructions

Instructions to Download a Kindle Home Page.
For Windows:
  1. Right click on the Link of the HomePage you want.
  2. Choose 'Save Target As'.
  3. You will get a Folders Dialog Box that will let you save it anywhere on your computer.
  4. Choose to save it in the Folder where you usually download books for the Kindle. OR Save it directly to the documents folder of the Kindle (if its already connected).
  5. Connect your Kindle 2 via USB to your PC and then transfer the page you just saved to your Kindle's Documents Folder.
  6. The file will show up on your home page - there will be no Author Name. Just open it up - clicking any link will take you to that page (Kindle Browser will open up).
For a version without Headings (faster to reach links) - Simple Kindle Home Page. You can always see what a home page is like by clicking on it instead of right-clicking.